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Easy to use, right on Slack!

Rotation App can be fully managed from Slack. No need to open any 3rd party tool.

  • Rotate meeting moderation
  • Rotate the responsibility of tackling bug reports
  • Rotate the scrum master role
  • Rotate the team representative
  • Rotate “concierge” responsibility
  • etc.
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Flexible scheduling

Set up any rotation schedule your team needs: daily, every 3 days, weekdays only, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
Our highly customizable scheduler is designed to fit your unique demands effortlessly.

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Effortless user management

Choose to manually select users or conveniently include everyone from an existing channel or user group in just one click.
Rotation App automatically updates your rotation‘s user list when your channel or group members change, ensuring the user list is always up-to-date without the need to manually update the rotation users when there is a change in your team.

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Easy user mentioning

Rotation App automatically creates a user group for your rotation, so you can easily @mention the people on call.

Alternatively, you can also create a rotation without a user group, and Rotation App will automatically notify the people on call whenever the name of the rotation is mentioned in a message.

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Seamless queue management

Keep your team‘s rotations clear and flexible. With Rotation App, easily view who‘s on call and who‘s next in line. Change the order, assign a different person, or skip a shift with just a few clicks.

Plus, manage one-off substitutions effortlessly, all without disrupting the queue‘s flow. Stay organized and adaptable, ensuring your team is always prepared.

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Optimized for your team availability

Rotation App seamlessly integrates your team‘s varying work schedules.
Input each member‘s availability, and watch as the app automatically arranges rotations to fit their schedules. No more guesswork or manual adjustments—just smooth, optimized scheduling that respects everyone‘s time and availability.

This is useful if some team members work part-time or do not work on Fridays, for example. It is also helpful if shifts run on weekends and not everybody is enrolled in that program.

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Automatic Out-Of-Office handling

Rotation App automatically detects when a team member is unavailable for their shift (OOO, out sick or on vacation), sparing you the manual effort.
It suggests skipping the absent member and assigning another one with a click of a button and, if permitted, automatically does this in the future without asking again.

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Streamlined Communication and Instruction Sharing

Add context or instructions directly within your channel messages, ensuring clarity for your team. Need specific members to be in the loop? Mention managers or stakeholders effortlessly.
Additionally, send private messages to individuals on call or next in line, facilitating communication and instruction sharing.

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Calendar Integration

With Rotation App‘s calendar integration, effortlessly stay updated on who‘s on call and who‘s next directly from your favorite calendar app. Stay organized and in the loop without any extra effort.

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  • 2 Rotations
  • 5 Users
  • Create a User group (@mention)
  • Supports Users, User groups and Channels
  • Channel Reminders
  • Good Support



  • 5 Rotations
  • 15 Users
  • Create a User group (@mention)
  • Supports Users, User groups and Channels
  • Channel Reminders
  • Priority Support



  • 10 Rotations
  • 50 Users
  • Create a User group (@mention)
  • Supports Users, User groups and Channels
  • Channel Reminders
  • Priority Support



  • Unlimited Rotations
  • Unlimited Users
  • Create a User group (@mention)
  • Supports Users, User groups and Channels
  • Channel Reminders
  • Priority Support

The prices are for monthly subscriptions. Please reach out to us via email for discounted yearly subscriptions.

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