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Learn how to find Rotation App's dashboard (Home tab)

Who can access Rotation App’s dashboard?
  • All Slack workspace users.

    Though everybody can access the dashboard (Home tab), the users will only have access to the actions permitted for their role.

Rotation App's Home tab

The dashboard —often referred to as “Home tab”— is a view that you can access directly on Slack to create and manage your rotations, and control your team settings.

There are many ways to the Home tab, the easiest is to use the global Slack search:

  1. Open the Slack search:
    You can open the search by pressing the on the top of the Slack app, or by using the shortcut ⌘+K on MacOS or CTRL+K on Windows;

  2. Type “rotation app”;

  3. Select Rotation App from the list.

You should be directed to the Home tab. Occasionally, you will be directed to a different tab (e.g., ‘Messages’), so you’ll need to select the Home tab as shown in the screenshot above.

Finding Rotation App's Home tab using search

Other options

From a message

You can also go to the Home tab by pressing the name of Rotation App

Finding Rotation App's Home tab using message

From the sidebar

If you’ve already opened the Home tab before, Rotation App will be easy to access from the sidebar.

Finding Rotation App's Home tab using sidebar