Help center Edit a Rotation

Learn how to edit an existing rotation.

Who can edit a rotation?
  • The users who are part of the rotation.
  • The owner of the rotation.
  • Slack workspace admins.

How to edit a rotation?

  1. Go to Home tab: Learn where to find Rotation App’s Home tab.
  2. Find your rotation
  3. Open the Edit Rotation dialog: Open the rotation menu and select ✏️ Edit.
    If you can’t see the ✏️ Edit option, you probably don’t have the permissions to do so. See the permissions section.
  4. Make the changes: You can then make any changes to the rotation configuration. Learn more about the rotation configuration.
    Please note that the name and user group of a rotation can’t be changed after creation, you’ll need to re-create the rotation if you want to change the name or user group.
  5. Save